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Jewellery Pliers - Flat Nose and Round Nose Pliers

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Jewellery Making Pliers Set: Perfect for Ocassional Maker

Just starting out or enjoy making jewellery now and then? This set is perfect for you, offering the choice between Flat Nose Pliers and Round Nose Pliers.

Key Features:

Flat Nose Pliers:

  • Versatile Grip: Perfect for gripping, bending, and straightening wire, these pliers offer a flat surface for a secure hold on your materials.
  • Smooth Jaws: The smooth jaws prevent marring or damaging delicate wires, ensuring a polished and professional finish to your creations.

Round Nose Pliers:

  • Precision Looping: Craft intricate loops, coils, and spirals effortlessly with the round and tapered jaws, allowing for precise control in your designs.
  • Fine Detailing: Ideal for creating consistent curves and shapes, these pliers are a must-have for detailed and delicate jewelry projects.

Buy One or Both and Save:

  • Individual Purchase: Choose either the Flat Nose Pliers or Round Nose Pliers based on your specific needs.
  • Combo Set: Purchase both Flat Nose and Round Nose Pliers together and enjoy a cost-saving bundle. Having both options on hand ensures you're equipped for a wide range of crafting techniques.