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Ball Stud Posts with Vertical Loop Stainless Steel 304

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Introducing Our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts with Vertical Loops: A Fusion of Simplicity and Versatility

Are you a jewellery maker in search of versatile earring components that offer both simplicity and endless design possibilities? Look no further than our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts with Vertical Loops. These earring posts are meticulously crafted to be the foundation of your creative vision, combining understated elegance with boundless potential.

Classic Ball Stud Design: Our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts feature a classic and timeless design that provides a touch of elegance to your earrings. The polished ball-shaped studs exude simplicity, making them suitable for a wide range of earring styles.

Premium Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, these earring posts not only offer a visually appealing look but also exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. Your earrings will maintain their shine and structural integrity, ensuring they endure the test of time.

Hypoallergenic Comfort: Comfort is paramount for earring wearers. Our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for even the most sensitive ears. Your customers can wear your earrings with confidence, free from irritation or discomfort.

Versatile Vertical Loops: These earring posts are designed with vertical loops, (no need for jump rings) allowing you to add a wide variety of embellishments, charms, beads, or dangles to create unique and personalized earrings that reflect your artistic vision.

User-Friendly: Whether you're an experienced jewellery maker or just starting out, our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts with Vertical Loops are easy to work with. Their standard size ensures compatibility with various earring components, making them a dependable choice for your projects.

Craftsmanship Unleashed: These earring posts provide a solid foundation for your artistic expression. Let your creativity flourish as you design earrings for any occasion. Create elegant, minimalist pieces or let your imagination run wild with elaborate and eye-catching designs.

Elevate your earring designs with our Stainless Steel Ball Stud Earring Posts with Vertical Loops. They offer a perfect blend of simplicity, durability, and design versatility, allowing you to create earrings that are as unique as your artistic vision. 


PLEASE NOTE: these do not come with earring backs




Ball : 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Post: 16mm Pin : 0.7mm Loop: 2mm

Metal: 304 grade stainless steel

18K plated gold
uncoated raw polished metal

10 (5 pairs)
20 (10 Pairs)
40 (20 pairs)
100 (50 pairs)
200 (100 pairs)